• The Brief of Aspheric Lens The Brief of Aspheric Lens
    Apr 17 , 2024
    Processing Difference between Spherical lens and Aspherical Lens Spherical optics are typically used not because they are ideal concerning the optical function, but only because they are most convenient to manufacture. With the grinding and polishing machine, spherical surfaces are the only ones where one can transversely move around the grinding tool while maintaining full contact with the proces...
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  • Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror
    Oct 19 , 2023
    Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror     Features: Laser grade sapphire Good physical and chemical properties High level surface quality & figure Super polished surface roughness Broad and high transmission High laser damage threshold Application: High power laser mirror High power Laser window   Product Specification Parameter Unit Min Typical Max Size mm  Φ6.35X2 ...
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  • High Performance Acylindrical Lens High Performance Acylindrical Lens
    Aug 27 , 2022
    High Performance Acylindrical Lens      Description: Acylindrical lens is one of the cylindrical lenses, its function is smilar to other cylindrical lenses such as aspherical and spherical lens, slow-axis collimator lens, fast-axis collimator lens and flat convex cylindrical lens etc. It is also called free-form lens. It is a lens which focuses light into a line, as a spherical lens...
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  • HITRONICS' 1.5um Auto-grade LASER vs OTHERS’
    Jul 20 , 2022
    HITRONICS' 1.5um Auto-grade LASER vs OTHERS’         1.5um Pulsed fiber laser--auto grade Key Parameters Hitronics A Company B Company L Comapny Size 50mm*55mm*19mm(cuboid) D120 mm,H20mm(cylinder) 80mm*50mm*12mm(cuboid) Undisclosed Operating Temperature -40°C-105°C -10°C-65°C -40°C~65°C -35°C~65°C Average Power 1W 1W 1W 2.5W Consumption 10....
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  • How To Manage Your Lens Project Success How To Manage Your Lens Project Success
    Jun 18 , 2022
    PMs Project Management Usually we will set up a special team to manage your project, this team consists of project manager, project coordinator, sales, purchaser, production planner, quality assurance and controller, technical consultant, etc., Each project member makes its function to realize goals objectively and positively and through the regular project meeting to follow up the project process...
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