• HITRONICS' 1.5um Auto-grade LASER vs OTHERS’
    Jul 20 , 2022
    HITRONICS' 1.5um Auto-grade LASER vs OTHERS’         1.5um Pulsed fiber laser--auto grade Key Parameters Hitronics A Company B Company L Comapny Size 50mm*55mm*19mm(cuboid) D120 mm,H20mm(cylinder) 80mm*50mm*12mm(cuboid) Undisclosed Operating Temperature -40°C-105°C -10°C-65°C -40°C~65°C -35°C~65°C Average Power 1W 1W 1W 2.5W Consumption 10....
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  • High Performance Acylindrical Lens High Performance Acylindrical Lens
    Aug 27 , 2022
    High Performance Acylindrical Lens      Description: Acylindrical lens is one of the cylindrical lenses, its function is smilar to other cylindrical lenses such as aspherical and spherical lens, slow-axis collimator lens, fast-axis collimator lens and flat convex cylindrical lens etc. It is also called free-form lens. It is a lens which focuses light into a line, as a spherical lens...
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  • Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror
    Oct 19 , 2023
    Laser Grade Sapphire Window & Mirror     Features: Laser grade sapphire Good physical and chemical properties High level surface quality & figure Super polished surface roughness Broad and high transmission High laser damage threshold Application: High power laser mirror High power Laser window   Product Specification Parameter Unit Min Typical Max Size mm  Φ6.35X2 ...
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