• Flow Cytometry
    Flow Cytometry

    Flow cytometry (FCM) is a method to analyze the characteristics of cells or particles in a flow tank by firing a laser beam at the cells and observing their scattered light and fluorescence. It can analyze tens of thousands of cells at high speed, and can measure multiple parameters from a cell at the same time. With the advantages of high speed, high precision, and good accuracy, it is one of the most advanced cell quantitative analysis technologies. Main uses: Hemocytometer, Flow Cytometer, Urine Analyzer. The main components of flow cytometer are light source, liquid flow path, signal detection and transmission and data analysis system. The flow cells, solid state photomultiplier modules, filters, aspherics and objectives are widely used in all kinds of flow cytometry equipment as the core components of Hitronics. In addition, we provide all basic optical components such as optical splitter prism, optical isolator and cylindrical lens, to offer our customers are all optical solutions out of one hand.   Objectives Solid-state-photodetector-module(SPM) Flow Cells and Assembly Aspherics Filters    

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  • Endoscope

    Medical endoscope borescope is an instrument for examining, diagnosing and treating the human body cavity, and its development has a history of more than 200 years. High-definition imaging quality and true color images are the most important parameters for evaluating high-quality endoscopy systems. Hitronics customizes various high-precision and high-reliability optical endoscope lens for customers, a full range of key products such as: endoscope lenses, rod lens assembly, objective lens assembly, anamorphic prisms, deflecting prisms, aspherical lenses, sapphire lenses, mirrors, windows, etc. Due to its small surgical trauma, short operation time and short recovery time, endoscopy is widely used in minimally invasive surgical operations, such as: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, thoracoscopy, cystoscopy, gastroscope, otoscope, blood vessel mirror, dentistry, ophthalmology and other ENT surgery. At the same time, it can also be applied to industrial pipeline detection.   Related Products: Micro Endoscope Lens Micro Prism Assembly Aspherics Filters Welcome to contact us for a customized service.

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  • Microscope

    Basically, there are three types optical microscopes divided by the number of microscope eyepieces, Monocular microscopes, Binocular microscopes, and Trinocular microscopes. Except for the using as one of the most important scientific lab equipments, they are more and more popular by rising Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures on the global level and Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery (FIGS), and it is called surgical microscpoes in this application. Surgical microscopes have high-precision optics and high-power coaxial illumination, allowing surgeons could alter magnifications and  see the entire operating field unimpeded working at the right distance. Surgical microscopes are used in a variety of surgeries, including neuro and spine surgery, ENT surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, and plastic and reconstructive surgery, due to numerous advantages such as clear and bright visualization, easy documentation and adaptation, stability, maneuverability, and improved ergonomics.  

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  • PCR

    Nucleic acid detection is performed by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) with SARS-CoV-2 reagents, and the presence or load of the virus is read out by optical detection. With the emergence of the universal demand for new coronavirus detection, real-time PCR and digital PCR have become two main nucleic acid detection instruments.   Optical modules in PCR instuments:   Light source: generally LED-based (some high-performance systems use lasers), single-color or multi-color, single LED or multiple LED arrays. Although the LED chip is relatively cheap, the entire light source module needs heat dissipation and temperature control, real-time monitoring and adjustment of the optical intensity, and collimation of the optical path through the lens. Design and production require strong technical capabilities. Light source end and detection end filters: output the unique excitation wavelength of the fluorescent marker and the unique emission wavelength of the collected marker through different filters, and block other irrelevant wavelengths, which can greatly improve the read signal-to-noise ratio. Optical path shaping system: Focuses the excitation light on the sample through optical components such as lenses, prisms, cylindrical mirrors, coated dichroic mirrors, and collect fluorescence signals on the detector. Detector: Depending on the system configuration, the detector generally has a simple photodiode PD, a high-sensitivity avalanche diode APD, an imaging CMOS chip, or a single-photon sensitivity PMT or SPM module. Electromechanical system: moving sample platform, motor of filter wheel, etc.  

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  • DNA Sequencing
    DNA Sequencing

    Gene sequencers, also known as DNA sequencers, are instruments to determine the sequence, type and quantity of the bases of DNA fragments. The function of the gene sequencer is to decipher DNA and RNA fragments and understand the "code" of the living organism gene, peek into the nature of life's genetic differences. Genetic technology benefits mankind, however globally, there are only three countries that can mass-produce DNA sequencers, the United States, the United Kingdom and China. The main reason is herefore is that sequencers are highly sophisticated and involve dozens of disciplines, including Optics, Fluids, Chemistry, Biology, Materials, Engineering, Bioinformatics, etc., thus, the R&D time is long and the R&D investment is large, only a few organizations can afford such programs .   Hitronics is supplying the best optics for DNA sequencer, which are including Aspherics, Cylindrical lens, Lens assembly, Filter sets Tube lens and Objectives not only in current generation sequencer but also in the next generation sequencers(NGS).   Objectives Aspherics Tube lens Filters

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