Optical, Mechanical And Electronic Integration


Hitronics Technologies, Inc. combines the entire process chain starting from design, engineering services, prototyping, mass production to delivery under one roof. We are the one-stop for custom optical solutions, high precision optical components and lens assemblies in the photonics industry. 


Advanced Manufacturing Of Optical Lenses


Optical Maching Capability

Our machine center is well equipped with cutting edge technology; amongst others with cutting- , polishing-, grinding machines, CNC instrumentation and Ultrasonic clearing machines. All these machines work well under our outstanding enginners skilled process.


Optical Coating Capability

Our 30+ coating machines and in-house-developed proprietary coating chambers enable us to apply a variety of versatile coating technologies, including magnetron sputtering (MS) and ion beam sputtering (IBS). 

  • Agilent Cary 7000 Universal spectrophotometer(UMS)
  • Customized coating designs fo AR, HR, PR, PBS and so on
  • Supply low absorption coating for high power application


Lens Assembly Capability

Lens Assmbly Workshop with 1000 Class Clean Room uses for lens delivery from design to mass production.



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